People!'s There are People and There are People (1970)


Let’s get this out of the way – this record sucks. Genuinely, front to back, I didn’t enjoy a single note on this record, except for the perverse enjoyment I suspected I was going to derive from writing this review.

This is groupthink hippie garbage so in love with itself it’s difficult to think of it as music at all. It sounds more like a boring cult of suburban Californians smoking dirt weed and congratulating one another on their baked insights, like “Soon every man will have wings” (written on the back cover), or “I just think we need to love each other, man” (written on their stupid faces).

And if this sounds cruel, maybe even mean-spirited in its ahistorical treatment of a moment in time still milking the Summer of Love as an excuse for thin pop, know this – the band covers “We’re Off to See the Wizard” from the Wizard of Oz. Their treatment of the song is cynical, adds nothing to the song, exploitative of our familiarity with it. There’s no excuse for this. It’s criminal.

If naming your band People! unites the human race in a common condition, the condition must be that people make lots of mistakes. My purchase of this record proves it.      

— Ghil Scraw

Phil Shaw